About Us

India, being the world’s fourth largest economy in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), is also one of the few markets in the world which offers high prospects of growth and earning potential in practically all areas of business. With computers and electronics having invaded our lifestyles, the Print industry too has made giant strides in recent times, improving its machinery in terms of the scope, technology and speed. The modern style of business is completely in favour of the consumer, ensuring that they get optimum quality products at bare minimum price.

Gingko, with Saurabh Mehta at the helm as Managing Director, is a unique platform which provides a web based printing solution for a wide range of business needs- from business cards and letterheads to promotional material like brochures, flyers, banners, invitation cards and paper bags. With a wide range of products and claiming superior customer service, Gingko strives to provide hassle free service and on-time delivery.

“Customers can choose from our fixed templates or we could customize it through our online tool. We use a hi-tech Japanese machine which ensures superior quality product at a much lower cost,” adds Saurabh.

In addition to saved templates allowing re-orders and seamless process, another great feature about Gingko is the customize tool on their website which allows customers make changes to the readied templates (text, background, logo, images, colour) while also allowing them to upload any ready to print file. “Plus if there’s a very specific requirement for large quantities then they can contact us and we can put support them through our in house design team,” adds Saurabh.

“Also, we have an integrated post press solutions which includes binding, cutting, foiling and laminating. Therefore, we take care of the entire process from the designing to printing and finally delivering it at the choice of destination with the help of our logistic system,” informs Saurabh.